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American Locksmith Store Ridgeland, MS 601-866-6500It’s almost ironic how life tends to topple our plans by springing up the most unexpected and unpleasant of surprises. You have places to go and a meeting to be in, and that’s when you face an automotive lockout, because you accidentally locked your keys in the car. Such incidents, besides throwing your daily schedule out of gear, can have an adverse impact on your mental state and push you towards frustration. Also, with the history of rampant crime and theft in Ridgeland, MS area, being caught in such a situation, in a deserted locale or during odd hours, can have serious ramifications. We know how mentally-taxing such events can be, but know this: panicking in such a situation is not going to resolve the issue.

Here’s what American Locksmith Store recommends that you do instead:

  • Keep calm and stay collected
  • If your car is blocking the traffic, make sure you move it to the side
  • Check if you’ve got the spare keys on you
  • See if there’s a window or door unlocked
  • If there’s no one around, stay by your vehicle’s side and don’t pace around
  • Don’t force open the car. You may draw attention to yourself and also damage the car to a great extent
  • If you’re certain there’s no way around the issue, call up a professional from American Locksmith Store

Why should you call us?

  • Quick resolution:

Instead of figuring out where everything goes and attempting to find a solution to the automotive lockout on your own, call us. We solve lockouts in as little as ten minutes, five, if your car is equipped with a conventional lock.

  • Damage-free car unlock:

In your haste to get immediate access to the car, you might as well take a rock and smash the windows, but it’s not exactly the smartest way out. Repairs and replacements will not come easy on your pockets. With us however, you get damage-free automotive lockout resolutions.

  • Emergency services:

Find yourself locked out of your car in a remote location? Fret not, our lockout services are here to save the day!  All you need to do is call us, even if it’s 3 am and we’ll be there to bail you out and restore access to your car again.

How we resolve lockouts?

It’s been over a decade since we commenced operations in Ridgeland, MS, and over the years, we’ve witnessed hundreds of automotive lock out scenarios. From broken locks to missing keys, no matter what the reason behind the lockout, we’ve got the technical expertise, the skill and the equipment needed for the job. We’ll quickly assess the situation, formulate an apt solution that will restore access to your car in no time.

If you’re battling an automotive lockout, then reach out to us on 601-866-6500 at once!