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Centered in Madison County is Canton, MS – a beautiful, ethnically-diverse and historic city, which has long been a draw for people across the country. Now a bustling hub of activity, it seems almost unbelievable that its first spurt of growth started barely two centuries ago. Its fertile land attracted early settlers, and fields of cotton sprung up everywhere. Soon, the city grew as a booming logistics and railroad center during the Civil War and from then on, there had been looking back. Its nationally famous biannual Canton Flea Market sees the city’s population surge from a rough 13,000 to as high as 200,000, making it one of the most sought-after affair in the country.

The other side of Canton

American Locksmith Store Ridgeland, MS 601-866-6500While being a great place to live in, considering the ample economic opportunities, abundant places to explore and its rich history, on the other side of its positive image lie statistics punctuated by unsettling crime rates, thefts, burglaries and violent crimes. In fact, the city ranks fourth worst in terms of safety, with a crime index that’s around 91% higher than most cities. If you’re a resident of Canton, MS, reading about theft, assault or burglary won’t surprise you because it’s something of an everyday occurrence in the region.

Who’s to be blamed?

No single entity can take the blame for the current scenario. While most blame the law, others blame the economic exclusion of certain sects of the local population that pushes them onto the path of crime. But ask American Locksmith Store and we’ll tell you exactly where the problem lies! We believe that security starts with you, and you as a resident, need to adopt the necessary measures to protect your property and everything you hold within. You cannot expect a poorly-installed or dilapidated lock to protect your home from intruders. Despite advancement in the locksmithing industry and newer locking systems designed to thwart criminal attempts being released in the market, the adoption rates are still abysmal.

American Locksmith Store: Making a difference

In a crime-ridden economy, we chose to make a difference by being there by our clients’ side, lending our decades’ worth of expertise and recommending newer and improved ways to make their security foolproof. Backed by a team of highly skilled locksmiths and security experts, we’ve till date secured hundreds of properties in Canton, MS and have prevented many a theft from taking place in the first place. From installing robust locks to providing greater key control through master key systems to installing tough-to-break doors, we do it all!

If you live in Canton, MS, then it’s high time you reached out to us and took your security in your own hands! Apart from this, we also provide a standard range of locksmith services. So, whether you need a key made or a lock repaired, call us on 601-866-6500!

Our services are split into:

Automotive service: Car locks and keys are far more refined and technologically-advanced than those deployed at your home and as such, require expert handling. Your local locksmith store may not have the wherewithal to handle it, but we can. Call us to fix car locks, program transponder keys and more.

Residential service: If you fear you might become the next victim of crime in Canton, MS, then call us in and we’ll revamp your security setup by changing locks or rekeying them and also lend advice on securing all access points. You can also hire our home locksmiths for cutting keys, fixing locks and more.

Commercial services:Don’t let unauthorized personnel or miscreants gain access to confidential business information and important data! With American Locksmith Store you get access to state-of-the-art lock and key solutions, in addition to round-the-clock support in case of lockouts or overnight installations.

Emergency service: Find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere due to a car lockout? Don’t worry! Call us on 601-866-6500 and help will reach you in 15-20 minutes.  Be it emergency evictions or repairs on locks or unlocking a safe, we can do it all on a 24-hour basis.

Want to hire the best locksmith in Canton, MS? Choose us, and you’ll never go wrong!