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Forever is an illusion, because nearly every entity on the planet comes with a pre-set expiry date, after which existence becomes an uncertainty. Take for instance, the smartphone you use. After a year or two of use, it grows obsolete and is replaced with a better and improved model, forcing you to discard the old one and switch to a new one. Locks are no different. These mechanical marvels that safeguard the sanctity of our homes, day in and day out, tend to wither away with time and are eventually rendered useless. But before you discard them, think again! If your lock has gone defunct prematurely, there’s still a chance you can save it from landing into a pile of trash. How? Ask the lock repair experts from American Locksmith Store!

Repair or replacement: Which option to choose and when?

Replacements are applicable in cases where the lock has been damage to an extent where it is bent out of shape, or there are missing parts, not much can be done to salvage it. Also, if your lock is outdated and isn’t as per the security standards recommended to thwart modern-age criminal attempts in Ridgeland, MS, then it’s wise to switch to a better, improved, and high strength locking system.

However, if your lock is fairly new, is sturdy and still has a long way to go, but is plagued by issues such as jamming or difficulty in operation, then that’s something that doesn’t warrant a replacement. Rather you can simply hire the lock repair experts from us, and get them to fix the hiccups in a trice. Once you call us, our experts will analyze the lock, dismantle it, get to the root of the problem and do everything it takes to resolve the underlying issue. Only in cases where the lock is far too gone to be salvaged, do we recommend a replacement.

What types of locks can we fix?

Locks can be of any type; from a conventional padlock to the state-of-the-art voice-activated variants. Imagine hiring a local locksmith and finding that they ‘don’t fix these kind of locks’. Well, before you pull your wallets out for a replacement, call us for lock repair, because we can fix just about anything. From heavy-duty industrial padlocks to the smart locks installed at home, there’s no lock that we don’t have knowledge of or haven’t worked on!

Here are some of the locks that we can fix:

  • American Locksmith Store Ridgeland, MS 601-866-6500Garage door locks
  • Rim Cylinder locks
  • File cabinet locks
  • Digital door locks
  • Keypad locks
  • Euro Cylinder locks
  • Window locks
  • Nightlatch
  • Mortise Sash locks
  • Safe locks
  • Multipoint locks (UPVC)
  • Emergency exit locks

And more

24/7 lock repair services

Did you find your lock jammed in the middle of the night? Did you break the key inside the lock and have now lost access to crucial files locked in a cabinet? During such time-sensitive circumstances, waiting until morning for a locksmith shop in Ridgeland, MS to open isn’t viable. What you can do is call in our 24/7 service! Be it day or night, weekend or a public holiday, our lock repair service is available at all times and can be reached on 601-866-6500.

Got a lock that needs fixing? Without further ado, reach out to American Locksmith Store!