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American Locksmith Store Ridgeland, MS 601-866-6500Did you know? Your chance of becoming a victim to property crime in Ridgeland, MS is 1 in 19 – odds that keep shrinking every day! So instead of turning a blind eye to the innumerable cases of reported thefts and burglaries we read about every day, it’s time to take a proactive action against it! Security starts with your locks, and in an age where criminals just keep getting smarter and finding new ways to breach through your security set up, we need to evolve with the times and redefine our security infrastructure. The 5-year old lock you have currently installed in your property may have served you well all these years, but it may no longer hold relevance in the present scenario. So, what should you do?

Newer, better, and more robust locks are being introduced in the market in a bid to meet the increased demand for high- security. However, consumer knowledge of the same still remains limited. Lack of guidance can lead to the wrong lock installed in the wrong places. That’s why, when it comes to lock installation, you need to trust a premier locksmith service company such as American Locksmith Store that can guide right from the assessment to the installation stage.

Lock installation specific to your needs

Not every lock is meant for every purpose. Installing a deadbolt and handing out the keys to over 100+ employees is extremely impractical, instead a keypad lock with access codes will fare better in such an environment. Maybe you hired someone to install a state-of-the-art smartphone-operated lock in your premises, but the technician never factored in the possibility that a few of the users weren’t tech-savvy.

We understand the varied requirements of every client and know that when it comes to locks, there’s no one size fits all solution. That’s why every lock installation effort is customized down to the very last detail as we analyze your requirement and recommend solutions that fit you the best.

24/7 lock installation services in Ridgeland, MS

Did you just experience a break-in and are in urgent need of a new lock? Have you evicted a tenant and want to ensure that they do not gain access to your property again? Don’t worry, our lock installation service is available round-the-clock and can be availed at any time at no added costs. Even if it’s no emergency and you want an overnight change of locks as per your convenience, we’ll deliver it!

Mobile lock installation services:

Buying a lock from the hardware store and making sense of a jargon-filled instruction manual is neither viable nor advised. There’s a high chance you might mess the installation up. Getting our professional locksmith to do the installation is a whole another story. We arrive on our mobile vans, armed with a collection of locks you can choose from, and get the right lock installed the right way. Save yourself the hassle involved in visiting the store yourselves by calling American Locksmith Store in, because with us, the store comes to your doorstep.

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