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Locks are multifaceted; there’s no one type of lock or one-size-fits-all. From the smallest of padlocks deployed in residential properties to heavy-duty high-strength locking systems used in industries to the new-age smart locks for the tech-savvy generation, the array of options available in the market are limitless. While the endless choices might seem like a boon, the downside is that it leaves the end-user confused when it comes to choosing a lock that aligns with their needs. But you don’t have to worry, at least, not with American Locksmith Store by your side! Right from choosing the right locking system for your needs, to installation, repairs and maintenance, we ensure that your security is at its peak, always.

But, why us? Why not hire a locksmith from the multitude of companies that thrive in Ridgeland, MS? Owing to the complexity of today’s locks, not everyone has the wherewithal to unravel its working and recommend solutions that are in sync with client requirements – but we do! Being a highly experienced and reliable locks & locksmith service provider, we’ve attained the stature as the go-to company for all things pertaining to locks and keys.


The affordable locks & locksmith

From what we’ve seen and observed, most people refuse to hire a locksmith and keep ignoring persistent lock issues, simply because they fear the costs. The local climatic conditions don’t help either, with locks wearing out faster than ever. Most locksmiths know this, and quote over-the-top prices even for a trivial lock repair. Thankfully, with us by your side as your locks & locksmith partner, stop worrying about the costs and get the service you need at affordable prices.

We value customer’s time

Time is everything, and when battling a jammed lock or malfunctioning digital locking system; it becomes even more of a precious commodity. Every moment’s delay, would only amplify the stress on you, and leave your property vulnerable to external security threats. That’s why, we understand how valuable your time is and operate a 24/7 locks & locksmith division to get to you in no time.

We keep pace with the times

To survive in the crime-ridden scenario that prevails in Ridgeland, MS, being a step ahead of criminals is necessary. Being smarter is the key to greater security and that’s why, we make sure that we ditch the conventions and embrace newer trends and advancements in the industry to recommend the best to our clients.


  • American Locksmith Store Ridgeland, MS 601-866-650024/7 locks & locksmith assistance
  • All types of keys made
  • Eviction locksmith services
  • Provide recommendations on choosing locks
  • Repairs on mailbox, door, cabinet locks etc
  • New lock installation
  • Spare key making
  • Advanced lock setup
  • Garage door locks installation
  • Emergency lock opening services
  • Devising home/office security solutions
  • Push bars installation

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