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Deriving its name from James Madison, the fourth president of the United States, Madison, MS has grown from a small town into a well-planned city, armed with all the amenities one would need for a comfortable life. After the railroads arrived and a station was opened there in 1856, with it came a race track, hotels, banks and a wagon factory – the message was clear; the future was at Madison and thus, the city experienced rapid population surge and extensive development over the years. Today, the region has flourished into an enviable city, while still retaining the charm and small-town quality that it’s famous for. It’s strict building standards, landscaping, and architectural controls, have retained the integrity of the city throughout the years.

How does safety and security fare?

When it comes to any town or city, one of the most vital defining characteristics of its livability is the security. And on that parameter, Madison, MS checks all the boxes in all the right places. With crime rates significantly lower than the rest of the US cities, Madison has always been the top consideration when it comes to finding a safe and secure place to live in. Over the years, the city has witnessed a dramatic decline in crime, and it’s all thanks to the collective efforts of the community, law enforcement and dedicated locksmith companies like American Locksmith Store, who’ve worked to keep the city protected against potential security threats.

American Locksmith Store: Making Madison safer still:

Because Madison, MS comes with the safety tag, that doesn’t necessarily imply that you’re immune to running into security issues from time to time. That’s why, we at American Locksmith Store, always advice our clients to be aware, vigilant, and get professional insight from a locksmith. A little carelessness and oversight can have serious ramifications, and that’s exactly why we’re here – to help address even the smallest of security issues and make sure your home/office/vehicle remains impenetrable.

A real-life example: Madison Police in December 2017 uncovered a bizarre theft case, wherein a car turned in for service in the city was stolen and used to gain access to a home at Westport. The miscreants kicked in an overhead door and used the access gained to steal two cars, one of which belonged to residents of Westport. Using the car’s paperwork, the criminals were able to locate the house and used the garage door opener to gain access to the garage and then the house, where they made away with some cash and valuables.

In this case, one carelessly installed weak overhead door was the result of a chain of events that followed. When it comes to security, you can never tell when and how things go wrong, and that’s why you always need someone like American Locksmith Store to guide you, at every step!

What we do?

Security consultation: All your security needs find an answer with us! Our experts will assess your property, identify any loopholes and devise solutions to bridge them, thus providing you the foolproof safety you’ve been looking for.

Emergency solutions:

You’re locked out of your car well beyond business hours. With most locksmiths unavailable, and those that are open quoting exorbitant prices, you’d be lost with no feasible solutions. Don’t worry, because your trusted locksmith remains open 24/7 to provide emergency services.

Automotive/residential/commercial locksmith service:

Whether you need new car keys or need a new file cabinet lock in your office, or require robust garage door locks, our solutions are multifaceted and are aligned as per your specific needs. So, be it lock repair or key making, trust us to serve you.

We provide the following services in Madison, MS:

  • American Locksmith Store Ridgeland, MS 601-866-6500Key making
  • Lock installations
  • Repairs of locks, doors etc
  • Master key installation
  • High security locks
  • Vehicle unlocks
  • Safe installation
  • Panic bars setup
  • Broken key extraction
  • Rekeying solutions

And more.

To explore our full range of services and hire our locksmiths, call 601-866-6500!