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One fine day, you lose a key, and after that, you never give it a second thought. Imagine waking up to the realization that the missing key had been used to gain unauthorized access into your home. How would you feel? Devastated? Guilty of not being more careful? It’s wise to understand the repercussions early on and not in hindsight to stay a step ahead of miscreants in Ridgeland, MS. Whether you’ve lost your key, or don’t have track of the number of keys in circulation, ignoring the issue isn’t going to help. What if a former maid or your neighbor uses the key to access your property? But before you start making calls to get your locks replaced, consider rekeying locks– the more economical and wiser solution.

For all your locksmithing needs, reach out to American Locksmith Store – a premier company that delivers lock repair, installation, rekeying, maintenance and a wide range of other services.

What is rekeying?

Instead of replacing the lock as a whole, rekeying locks involves replacing only the internal pin or tumbler configuration with a new one. This means that while the lock appears the same on the outside, on the inside, the brand new configuration dissuades attempts to gain access using the old keys. The procedure leaves you with a lock as good as new and a new set of keys, at a fraction of the cost of a replacement, making this a highly cost-effective and useful option.

When should you get your locks rekeyed?

When you lose a key: Whether you lose a key or suspect it’s stolen, rekeying locks will instantly restore your sense of security.

After a tenant eviction: Just evicted someone from your property? Do not rule out a revenge break-in! Get the locks rekeyed to restrict access.

After a fall out: If you’ve had a fallout with a neighbor or a friend who you’d given a spare to, immediately rekey your locks.

To improve function: It’s obvious that with persistent usage, the operational efficiency of your locks may dwindle. A rekey will get them working as good as new.

To adopt a master key system: If you’re interested in switching to a master key system and make multiple locks answer to a single key, rekeying locks is the way to go!

A few things to remember:

Don’t attempt it yourself:Yes, there are toolkits available in the market and instructions posted online, but it’s not something we recommend. Nothing can beat the professional touch provided by our locksmiths!

Change locks only if necessary: Never let any locksmith trick you into believing that you need a lock change when rekeying locks is all that is needed! Always trust us for reliable suggestions.

Choose a reputed firm:Hire a company with a good reputation in Ridgeland, MS to its name, instead of falling prey to firms that only seek to rip you off. Choose wisely, choose American Locksmith Store

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