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Most burglaries and home invasions that you read about every day in Ridgeland, MS aren’t a one-off event that happened to someone who carelessly left their home open, rather these are carefully calculated moves that rely on small security gaps to find that window of opportunity and exploit it. Do not leave room for it if you’re serious about your security. Rather, taking a few precautionary steps go a long way in amplifying the security of your home/office. American Locksmith Store recommends that you install new locks to secure your property.

American Locksmith Store Ridgeland, MS 601-866-6500Here’s how new locks prove beneficial

  • They instantly increase the security level of your property
  • You get access to newer features
  • You regain better key control
  • New locks work seamlessly and operate efficiently

Whatever your locking needs, we’ll fulfill it

No one can refute the importance of securing your property and the first step to achieving that is by getting new locks installed in your property. Trying to extract as much use as you can out of your old lock is no go, because after a point, every locking system turns obsolete and holds no relevance in the present landscape. That’s why, put your safety and security first and call us in to install new locks in your property. We’ve got a host of locking options and can assess your requirements before recommending the best one to align with your needs.

Quality locks assured:

While ‘new’ is good, replacing a perfectly good lock with a cheaper, new one, isn’t exactly the ideal way to enhance your security. At American Locksmith Store, we assure you the highest quality since all our products are procured from renowned brands and are hand checked for quality. With us, you’ll only get the best, and nothing less.

Call out charge? No, not with us!

You only pay once the work is completed. We don’t levy unnecessary charges for coming out to assess the problem and lend our professional opinion. Also, if you call us to install new locks beyond regular business hours, we do not charge extra fees or levy hidden charges for it, like other companies in Ridgeland, MS do!

Help is only a phone call away

Imagine running into lock trouble in the middle of the night and needing to install a new lock right away. What would you do? Who would you call? We understand that certain situations demand immediate assistance and cannot wait until morning, that’s why we have a 24-hour helpline – 601-866-6500 – that entitles you to receiving help when you need it and wherever you need it in Ridgeland, MS.

For new locks, know that there’s no one better to recommend and install than our professional locksmiths! So, reach out to us today!