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Your home is a sanctuary - a place where you get to unwind after a hectic day and feel safe and comfortable in. But what if this illusion is shattered when someone breaks-in to your house? Such instances are not uncommon; especially in Ridgeland, MS that has a history and a high rate of home invasions and burglaries. As a responsible home owner, it’s all down to you to secure your property and keep unwarranted security threats at bay – and that’s where American Locksmith Store can help you. Over the past decade of rendering phenomenal services, we have helped innumerable clients in the locality secure their most treasured and valued asset – their home – through our tailor-made residential locksmith solutions.

So, if you need a trusted, reliable and affordable professional locksmith for your home’s lock & key needs, then choose us by dialing 601-866-6500!

Services we offer:

Key making service - Lost your keys? Are you in need of a spare? Our expert key makers can help you there! Our technicians rely on cutting-edge equipment that precision-craft your key down to the last detail using the highest quality material so that it works flawlessly.

Rekey your locks – Have you recently evicted a tenant from your property? There’s not a moment to lose! Whether you’ve just evicted someone or have lost your keys somewhere, it’s vital to rekey your locks to prevent misuse of the old keys.

Master key system – If key management is becoming a hassle or you own a large apartment building, then installing a master key system, wherein multiple locks answer to a single key, can prove beneficial. We can assess your property and customize a solution for you.

Locks repair – A defunct lock doesn’t necessarily mean a wasted lock, because there’s still a chance it can be fixed at a fraction of the cost of a replacement. Call us in, we’ll inspect the locks, fix the problem and get your lock working as good as new again.

Security consultation - When was the last time you prioritized your home security? Most home owners neglect their locks and basic security measures, and only wake up to their senses after experiencing a break-in or burglary. Stay a step ahead of such threats! Our security consultants will provide the best advice.  

High-end security measures – Based on the security consultation, our residential locksmiths will recommend a wide array of locks that will suit your specific needs. From installing robust locking systems to security grilles to new doors to digital locking solutions, explore our inventory for high-end security measures.  

24/7 emergency service – Every resident needs an emergency locksmith that he/she can bank upon when the going gets rough – that’s what American Locksmith Store is for you! Whether you’re facing an apartment lockout or are in urgent need of a spare key, you can count on our 24/7 service to bail you out.

Additional services

  • American Locksmith Store Ridgeland, MS 601-866-6500Addressing residential lockouts
  • Broken key extraction
  • Mailbox lock replacement
  • Key cutting and copying
  • Installing safe locks
  • Eviction locksmith services
  • Window locks
  • Door hardware repair/installation
  • Digital locks
  • Deadbolt installation
  • Home security assessment
  • New locks installation
  • Master key setup
  • Garage locks
  • Peephole installation

No matter what your need, be it a simple spare key making service or a comprehensive home security analysis and assessment, there’s no better home locksmith in Ridgeland, MS than us! Bringing over a decade of experience to the fore, we deliver quality-oriented solutions that are delivered on-time and right within your budget. Call us now on 601-866-6500 to hire an expert locksmith from us today!