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Do this simple exercise: Count the locks on both the interior and exterior doors, including the shed, store house, garage and other areas. How many locks do you have? An average household will have around 10 locks, and when it comes to a business enterprise, the number may even run into triple digits. In cases where there are a high number of locks involved, key management becomes too much of a hassle. So, what should you do? Lugging around all the keys on a single key ring is not an option! What if you lose one of them? Or displace the entire set? Consider rekeying to a master key system. American Locksmith Store will tell you why!

Why should you rekey to master key system?

Holding on to multiple keys to access your premises might seem like a tumultuous task, especially if you’re a property manager and have multiple tenants to answer to. What if someone loses access to their apartment in the middle of the night? Instead of breaking and entering, a master key system could make life a lot easier. If you rekey to master key system, different locks answer to the same key, which can reduce the burden of key management and prove useful in times of emergencies. You can also establish multi-level access in a business environment that grants access to few and restricts it to others with our customized solutions.

If you want to adopt this system, then there’s no other locksmith in Ridgeland, MS who has greater relevant experience in the field than us!

Why choose American Locksmith Store?

There are several DIY kits in the market that allow you to rekey locks by yourself, and several locksmiths who offer the same service – so, why ignore all those options and choose us instead? Here’s why: a rekey to master key system involves a lot of technical difficulties and doing it wrong can result in a gaping hole in your security framework. That’s why, instead of falling for cheap toolkits or local amateur locksmiths in Ridgeland, MS, it’s wise to choose a professional who has extensive on-the-job experience. That’s who you can find on our team! With intricate understanding of the working of nearly every type of locking system and a deep knowledge of setting up a safe, secure and reliable master key system, you can never go wrong with hiring us!

What we do?

American Locksmith Store Ridgeland, MS 601-866-6500Step 1: Identify the locks that need to be rekeyed

Step 2: Fix impending issues or replace worn out locks

Step 3: Design a comprehensive master key system layout

Step 4: Rekey all the locks to match the layout

Step 5: Craft master, sub-master and change keys for the same

If convenience and increased security is the ask, then we’ve got the solution! To get the locks rekeyed to a master key system, call us at 601-866-6500!